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Welcome aboard ! This is the Net-marine (Unofficial French Navy) site. A presentation of the men and ships of the French Navy. You will find there the characteristics of the vessels and aircrafts, the origin of their name, as well as pictures. Don't hesitate to mail us : .
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Songs and traditions
European technology
The crack missile killer Aster. The french next generation combat aircraft : Rafale.
Maritime patrol with Gardian and the only Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft (LRMPA) ) specifically designed for its missions : Atlantique 2 and 3.
Recognition tests
Are you good enough to try our recognition tests ? : Aircrafts, Ships and helicopter. 6 special tests from rooky to very hard, and 2 quizz about french navy history
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WARNING : This site is in no way endorsed/supported/ratified/etc by the French Navy.The information containted in these pages has been taken mostly from military journals such as JANE'S and the page is maintained by Net-Marine as an interest.