Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle

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Given its design and sophisticated systems, the Charles de Gaulle clearly outclasses the performance characteristics of its predecessors. It will replace the Foch in 2000. This latest french aircraft carrier fits perfectly into a defence strategy tailored to contemporary geopolitical realities. At the request of the State, the french Navy; the DGA (the french defence procurement agency) and the CEA (the french atomic energy authority), prepared a specification allowing the identified missions to be accomplished. Today, our era is characterised by series of pinpoint crises in different parts of the world. This aircraft carrier, which is both flexible in its deployment and capable of carrying signficant military power, provides the ideal answer to the risks generated by this instability.

Indeed, given its high performance level, it is the heart of the naval air defence system. The 40,000 ton Charles de Gaulle can carry long-range aircraft on board, a capability which is currently only available on 90,000 ton US carriers. The greater power of the carrier-based aircraft combined with the exceptional endurance of the vessel mean that the Charles de Gaulle can carry through, in an optimum manner, the defensive, offensive and deterrent missions for which it was designed.

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